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Webring what?

Aryan Bhatt

So a new blog about this webring that I joined today.
What is it?
Webrings are an early 2000s concept where people connect there websites with a widget or whatever that thing that gives you choice to explore more websites part of that webring. Exposure to a wider audience is achieved and people can see a lot of similar websites (similar as in thinking each personal website is a mirror of a person or of what that persons aesthetics are). Check it out here

How to join? Open an Issue here

or Mail the admin at

thats what I did. You can check out how it works through the widget on my home page though I edited it a bit to make it fit the style of this website.

That's about it. Days are the same as they were just seeing these new things.
using mastodon quite a bit but still not able to figure it out lol.
Thanks for reading.